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Due Process book pdf download for free or read online, also Due Process pdf was written by Lynn Burke.

BookDue ProcessAuthorLynn BurkeLanguageEnglishSize648 KBPages184CategoryNovels

Due Process Book PDF download for free

Troy Emerson, a lip-glossed angel, sparks unexpected fantasies in Silas’ mind. He is also one of the lawyers hired to keep Silas from going to prison for murder.

Troy, who has been burned before, shuns arrogant playboys like Silas Barlowe. Troy believes in honesty, in black and white, but the attraction between them creates fiery clouds of magnetic grey.

When Silas stands trial, Troy is determined to prove his actions were self-defense, but too much suspicion clouds his mind.

Can Silas prove himself worthy of Troy’s love, or will the jury’s verdict decide her future for her?

Due Process, Due Justice Duet Book 1 is a MM, Gay Romance for her that includes a HEA. Due Diligence Book 2 by Cecile Tellier is a MF romance released on 10/16. begins, follows the minor characters from Book 1, and also ends with a HEA. These titles should be read in order.

Due Process Book Pdf Download

Lynn Burke knows what her readers want and crave. Well, at least this reader does. As a writer who stays in close contact with her fans and listens to their feedback, she is always looking for heads and hatching plans in her mischievous mind. It makes it even more endearing when it publishes a gem like this book “Due Process”.

This book touches on some of my favorite gay romances: height difference, overly protective and possessive morally gray alpha male, mentally damaged cinnamon roll twink, lacy panties, gay for you, dirty talk… and it’s a bang, too! Courtroom Drama ! (In case you’re wondering, the only TV show I love more than BTVS is any incarnation of Law & Order.)

From the instant lust between the two MMCs to each scorching, racy scene, this book hit so many of my mm romance novel buttons that I could have easily read an even longer version. It’s rare that I think a book could have been longer and I wouldn’t have minded, so take that for a second.

This story was a bit different than other MM stories I’ve read, in a good way. First off, I love the instant connection. Silas fell in love with Troy and what Silas wants, Silas gets.

There’s a lot of drama and they both have to work it out and they wondered how it would work out in the end. I loved their chemistry, I can always count on Lynn to write some amazing smex scenes.

I swooned over how protective Silas is, he loves his sister and will protect her at all costs but also how much he put into finally having Troy’s heart.

This story……………….holy smoke!!! I don’t know how Lynn Burke keeps doing this, but her stories just get better every time she brings out a book. This is book one of the Due Justice Duo and I loved it from page one!!! Silas is not a “typical” hero and when he is arrested, Troy is sent to break him out of prison. She absolutely loved Troy and would love to hang out with him anytime, any day! Silas has never felt attracted to a man but when he sees Troy that changes.

This story hooked me from the first page and kept me reading to the end. Of course I now have to read the second part of this duet. The connection, the warmth, everything about this story was incredible! I will definitely print these two books and put them next to the other printed books I have from Mrs. Burke. So, so, so good!!!

This book was so much more than I expected. A beautiful love story in all aspects. The love for family, friends and the unexpected love of your life. There’s so much I want to say, but I won’t give anything away. His story was beautiful, exciting, extremely hot, moving and heartbreaking. Once started I couldn’t stop. You’ll pass out, fall in love, bite your nails, sit on the edge of your seat, smile, laugh, melt away, and by the end you’ll be so captivated by her story that you won’t want it to end. I want more, I want to stay in her world!! Trust me, you will too!

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