Download Dirty Little Midlife Drama [PDF] By Lilian Monroe

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Dirty Little Midlife Drama book pdf download for free or read online, also Dirty Little Midlife Drama pdf was written by Lilian Monroe.

BookDirty Little Midlife DramaAuthorLilian MonroeLanguageEnglishSize353 KBPages278CategoryNovel

Dirty Little Midlife Drama Book PDF download for free

My high school friend kissed me so casually that I slapped him.

Listen, I’m forty-three years old. I’m divorced. I’m in a new city. I really don’t need ghosts from the past haunting me anymore.

Unless, of course, the ghost is a burly two-hundred-pound Texas cowboy with a shy smile and a deep golden tan.

And when he shows up at the door of my new business and tells me he’s the contractor I hired, I think I’m in more trouble than I expected.

‘Cause it started with a kiss… but it’ll end with a broken heart. I know because it has happened before.

But twenty-five years after the first time, it seems I need to learn the lesson all over again. I’m really going to get Sebastian Finch really out of my system once and for all…

Dirty Little Midlife Drama Book Pdf Download

Dirty Little Midlife by Drama Lilian Monroe
HeartCove stole another piece of my heart. Sebastian and Georgia have a 25-year history that has hurt them both. After their paths parted, they all lived lives that left them alone and questioning themselves if they were worth loving. A reunion reignites what they had, good and bad, and after much thought, they discover they were always meant to be. Now at Des & Mia. I love Heartcove!!!

Wow! They really make a hot couple. He dared to kiss her like that and she flew away like a rocket. He challenged her to do what she wanted in life and with him. His methods were just what she needed to get out of the hole she had dug herself. He didn’t make it easy for her. I knew I had to be honest too. That made them such a great couple and so exciting to read. I really enjoyed reading this book.

Sebastian and Georgia are a hot couple. They have those searing kisses. I love that Sebastian isn’t afraid to fight for what he wants. I think it’s great that Georgia doesn’t back down but knows when to relinquish control. This is another great addition to this series. Lillian Monroe never disappoints.

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