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Desert Star book pdf download for free or read online, also Desert Star pdf was written by Michael Connelly.

BookDesert StarAuthorMichael ConnellyLanguageEnglishSize941 KBPages391CategoryNovel

Desert Star Book PDF download for free

Detective Renée Ballard is given the opportunity of a lifetime: revitalize the Los Angeles Police Department’s Investigative Division and find justice for the families of the forgotten. The only problem is that they must first find out the unsolved murder of the sister of the council member who supports the department, or lose everything…

Harry Bosch tops the list of investigators Ballard wants to recruit. The former homicide detective is a living legend, but for how much longer? Because Bosch has his own agenda: a crime that has haunted him for years, the murder of an entire family buried in the desert that he promised to end.

What would you really do if you really knew who did it?
With the killer still out there and the evidence elusive, Bosch finds himself on a collision course with a decision he hoped he would never make…

Desert Star Pdf Download

The first Michael Connelly blew me away. I was a loyal fan of yours even when Ballard came on the scene. The latter is a mature work for both the author and its protagonist. Bosch is no longer at his best, and for that reason this novel is elegiac. It has everything a Connelly crime thriller needs: well-planned plot, sober prose, excellent procedural storytelling.

But as we get to the final third, something else stirs: finality. Connelly poignantly investigates the decline of Bosch. To enjoy the excellence of this book, avoid reviews. Many give away too much. Is it my personal favorite Bosch? no However, it makes sense and certainly matters to its author. And now there’s a disturbing secret about what’s to come.

Harry Bosch pities the one who escaped. An unsolved case. A family of four, killed and buried in the desert. The killer may still be out there, but Harry no longer wears a badge. Renee Ballard leads the cold case unit. Progress is quite slow, but she has an ace up her sleeve. Harry gets the chance to review his case. One last chance to do justice to the deceased. Of course, Harry doesn’t always follow the rules the way he is, and he doesn’t always remember that I’m not on the team. Still, Ballard takes Harry the way he is or risks the Desert Star case staying on the books forever.

There are many classic Bosch items here. His lateral thinking, his tenacity, his empathy and his unwavering determination to do whatever it takes. Ballard is becoming more like Harry every day and that may or may not be in his favour.

The story covers other unsolved murders, but it’s Harry’s case that steals the show. It was great to see Harry so optimistic. Stay with us Harry.

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