Download Dark Song [PDF] By Christine Feehan

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Dark Song book pdf download for free or read online, also Dark Song pdf was written by Christine Feehan.

BookDark SongAuthorChristine FeehanLanguageEnglishSize2.7 MBPages444CategoryNovels

Dark Song Book PDF download for free

Elisabeta Trigovise, stolen from her home at a young age and tormented for centuries, is afraid to show herself to anyone. Although she was rescued and is now safe in the Carpathian terrain, she has lived in fear for so long that she has no idea how to survive without it. She wants to respond to her partner’s siren song, but just thinking about it scares her.

Before finding Elisabeta, Ferro Arany was an emotionless old warrior. Now that his senses have been awakened, he knows that it takes more than kind words and soft touches to convince the broken woman that they are partners, not masters and prisoners.

For now, he will give her strength until she finds his, allowing the steady rhythm of her heart to soothe Elisabeta’s fragile soul.

But as she learns to fend for herself, the vampire who has held her captive is desperate to claim her, threatening the song Elisabeta and Ferro are writing together.

Dark Song Book PDF download for free

It took me ages to write this review because Elisabeta and Ferro’s story is so incredible and the direction the Dark/Carpathian series is taking is so addictive I could write pages. So I thought I had narrowed it down and if you haven’t noticed I highly recommend this series and Dark Song! I have been waiting for these two and their story since Dark Legacy.

They wondered how they would face their journey after all that they had encountered and the dangers that still awaited them, that tormented them… how and if Sergey would be destroyed.
Dark Song is a beautiful story about strength and courage. Not just strength of physical ability and cunning in combat…although that’s a given in a Feehan novel. But a true definition of the strength of the character and also honor.
Ferro is a hero who has spent centuries fighting the vampire and protecting people from him, all species. Then, when the darkness, the lure to end the eternal void, grew too strong, he retreated to the monastery with his brothers, the Elders.

All determined to hold on to his honor, stay strong, and wait for the one who could bring his light and complete his soul. He returns to the world to once again help his people and with the hope that his mate is within reach.
Elisabeta is a hero who was stolen from her home, tortured and abused for centuries by Sergey Manilov, someone she once trusted, turned vampire who used her to gain power over others. She tolerated everything, gave him everything she was, her memories of her, her physical and mental ability to function, believing that he was in complete control.

But she refused to give up what he wanted most, what he treasured most, the part of her mate’s soul that she carried with her. This strength of character gave her the ability to survive, even finding ways to manipulate her capture, doing her best to be strong for her mate, despite the terror and restrictions Sergey had placed her under, led her to believe which was her whole life…until the day she is rescued.
Ferro and Elisabeta must learn to adapt to this new world and the separation that their years in captivity have brought them. It is her strength of character and sense of honor, her belief in her bond with her mate that propels her on her journey to love… and Christine writes it beautifully…
I love an Alpha Male who knows when to use his dominance and strength to protect and help his partner, and in his true Alpha form, he knows when to limit that dominance and use his strength to help her allow, maybe to stumble, but he has chosen. their way and learned to trust their nature and abilities. She trusts that, as important people, they should do what makes the other happy and that Ferro is there for them and she has the ability to be there for him.
And as Elisabeta gains confidence, she regains the most basic abilities, her trust in Ferro and the friendships she makes of her increases, she develops her understanding of who she is as a partner and that she has many incredible abilities.

Intelligence and, as everyone discovers, a rare gift. It is her strength of character that helps them grow as individuals, from being predestined life partners to being life partners in love. As she grows older, she discovers that she has the ability and knowledge to help the Carpathians, who have come together to defeat their common enemy in Manilows to defeat Sergey.

And through the struggle of learning her new norm and what’s best for her, her story is filled with dreamy sighs of romance in its true definition. And the dangers they face, the healing support they both share, they find the best path for themselves, discover who they are for each other and for the Carpathian people.

Her story is masterfully woven through an amazing story that drives the series forward, the threat of Manilow continues, revealing more threats to the Prince and Tariq and secrets to be revealed. What an amazing leader Tariq really is.

The routes from the heart of him for everyone to one day find happiness from him are the interactions with the people of ancient times and the Carpathians we love. It is exciting to see the Carpathians abandon their isolated hunting routes and adapt to new and modern strategic ways of fighting and becoming more of a society. I can’t wait to see who’s next!

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