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Cursed book pdf download for free or read online, also Cursed pdf was written by Marissa Meyer.

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Cursed Book PDF download for free

In “Cursed,” New York Times #1 bestselling author Marissa Meyer brings the haunting, fairytale-like Gilded duology to a thrilling conclusion that will delight fans old and new.

Hold still now and I’ll tell you a story.

Chaos reigns at Adalheid Castle.

After a shocking turn of events, Serilda finds herself in a deadly fantasy game with Erlking, who is determined to draw her deeper into the castle’s lies. Meanwhile, Serilda is determined to work with Gild to help him unravel the mystery of his forgotten name and past.

But it quickly becomes clear that Erlking doesn’t just want to use Serilda to win back his one true love. He also seeks revenge on the seven gods who have long held the dark ones captive behind the veil. If Erlking succeeds, it could change the mortal realm forever.

Can Serilda find a way to use her gift of storytelling forever, once and for all? And will Serilda and Gild be able to break the spells binding their spirits to the castle before the Eternal Moon finds them truly cursed?

Romance and adventure collide in this stunning ending to the Rumpelstiltskin-inspired fairy tale.

Cursed Pdf Download

Marissa Meyer brings Cursed! an epic conclusion to their fantastic retelling of Rumpelstiltskin! Gilded was a read that struck me last year with its setting and lush descriptions. It really reads like a new fairytale and Cursed is no different! The story is in uncharted waters, however, as Serilda was left in a bind last time around. The story will have you excitedly turning the pages just to see how it will end because, as you may know, true fairy tales don’t always have happy endings.

The story picks up where it left off last time, Serilda is now a prisoner of the Erlking and ready to be his bride. The child she bears that she and Gild created is claimed to be that of Erlking. She told him that he was just a simple pawn that she “sleeped” with and that it wasn’t a problem. Though Gild still doesn’t know the truth, she has yet to decide where to give her firstborn in exchange for her help turning straw into gold.

Serilda is still a spirit without a body. His body is hidden somewhere along with Gild’s. She and Gild continue to search for their bodies so they can lift the curse and leave the castle, but it’s been slow work. Meanwhile, Serilda tries to entertain the spirits of the children she knew from her village, whom Erlking killed to harm her.

The pacing is a bit slow at the moment, but it’s reminiscent of the pacing of old fairy tales where things take time to happen. Right, those were shorter, so you skipped a lot of scenes, that fills in those moments so there’s no time lapse. You either enjoy a good long and detailed story or you don’t. But the world building and character growth along the way makes for great entertainment that never bored me.

However, Erlking is working on his plans for Serilda and the Old Gods. His plan to reunite with his dead lover, Perchta, is getting closer and closer to fruition. She also uses Serilda’s stories against her, which will go into this plan for the gods.

The romance between Gild and Serilda is still there, of course. However, there is tension between them over the “marriage” between Serilda and Erlking. Serilda can’t tell Gild the whole truth about the marriage. So he doesn’t even know the kid is his. The excitement is high in this one!

The ending was downright epic! It was the kind of exciting and moving ending you’d expect in a fairy tale! You think you know the story of Rumpelstiltskin, but you haven’t seen anything Meyer will make you!

If you are a fan of fairy tales, you should definitely check this one out! It takes a shorter fairy tale and lengthens the story. A wonderful blend of fantasy and fairy tales, this brings enchantment and magic in new ways to delight the reader! This was a story that captivated me from start to finish and was one of the most perfect duologies I have ever read!

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