Download Craving in His Blood [PDF] By Zoey Draven

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Craving in His Blood Book pdf download for free or read online, also Craving in His Blood pdf was written by Zoey Draven.

BookCraving in His BloodAuthorZoey DravenLanguageEnglishSize1.7 MBPages396CategoryNovels

Craving in His Blood Book PDF download for free

Craving in His Blood Book PDF download for free

She’s the fated mate he never wanted…and the human that will bring him to his knees.

As the daughter of a traveling chef, I grew up flitting around different galaxies, immersing myself in fascinating cultures, and rubbing noses with socialites. Coming to Krynn was a new chapter, a permanent place to finally call home.

Craving in His Blood Pdf Download

But when tragedy strikes and I’m suddenly alone, broke, and desperate, I take work at a dyaan. An establishment where the Kylorr—blood-drinking, winged, fearsome aliens with berserker-like rages—come to feed on willing necks to satisfy their fierce hunger.

That’s where I meet him. Kythel of House Kaalium, the ruler of Erzos, with his mesmerizing eyes like fractured ice and a sinful voice that captivates me.

We’re polar opposites. I’m a hopeful optimist who always looks for silver linings. He’s guarded and mistrustful, a wealthy heir to a powerful legacy, who thrives on rigid, unbending control. Yet he craves my blood with a frenzy that maddens him, and he’ll stop at nothing to claim me.

But when the forbidden desire between us becomes too tempting to resist, I fear it will destroy us both…especially when an impossible choice threatens to be our ruin: Duty or love?

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