Download Christmas With Dad’s Best Friend [PDF] By K.C. Crowne

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Christmas With Dad’s Best Friend book pdf download for free or read online, also Christmas With Dad’s Best Friend pdf was written by K.C. Crowne.

BookChristmas With Dad’s Best FriendAuthorK.C. CrowneLanguageEnglishSize446 KBPages293CategoryNovel

Christmas With Dad’s Best Friend Book PDF download for free

I just kissed my dad’s best friend…
And he’s not too happy about it.

A lifelong crush can make a girl do wild things.
I met Nathaniel at my parents’ party.
And I couldn’t hold back my longing for the silver-haired Adonis.
So I excuse myself to go to the bathroom.
And picture him there while I touch myself.
So I talk about my desire for him when I reach my climax.


Enter Nathaniel with a stern look…

And what seems to be a stiffness in his pants.

“Whatever this is, it MUST stop.”

“You mean that?” I move closer to her luscious lips and pause.

So we finally kissed.

I dared in the bathroom that fateful night.
But NOTHING could prepare me for the biggest Christmas surprise.

A long-running standalone age gap romance from the Silver Fox franchise. Each book can be read separately. All the books have an oh-so-satisfying happy ending. No cheating or excitement!

Christmas With Dad’s Best Friend Pdf Download

Christmas With Dad’s Best Friend was a complex story with different characters throughout the book. For the most part, it was the Weaver family, consisting of David, his wife Colleen, and their three daughters, Melinda, Larissa, and Amelia. The other main character was David’s best friend Nathaniel Dean. Working in real estate, David discovered Nathaniel who was working at the country club and helped him break into international real estate. Amelia, the youngest daughter, had always had a crush on Nathaniel, so she tried to stay away from him whenever he was in the house.

At this year’s customer party alone, Amelia kept bumping into Nathaniel, so she thought about escaping and going home early. Unfortunately that didn’t work either, her father caught her hailing a cab and asked Nathaniel to take her home. On the way home, they finally confessed their longing and slept together, which they both knew would upset their father. No one knew where to go or what to do from there. The three daughters had problems with their mother. She was a selfish woman, ready to cause sorrow to all. She was also unfaithful to David. A sincere story with lots of drama.

This was a very beautiful book. Nathaniel and Amelia made an intriguing couple who were easy to encourage. I loved their chemistry and the sparks they created. The story was a fun mix of emotion and drama that had me turning these pages excitedly and all in my emotions. This is my freely published open review.

Christmas With Dad’s Best Friend was a nice read by K.C. Crowne and I read this book in one sitting. Who doesn’t love a sexy, successful older man? Amelia is the daughter of Nathaniel’s best friend. He is 11 years older than her and had never noticed her until recently. Amelia is just starting out in life, but she has always found Nathaniel attractive and the man for her. A family celebration leads to a trip home and a hot, sexy night. It’s meant to be a one time thing… Playboy Nathaniel has found his partner and can’t get enough.

I loved all the dirt! Especially the first time the leads were delightful. Great chemistry between two people who couldn’t keep their hands off each other even though they knew they had to. But the book was much longer than necessary. It should have hit the 80 percent mark, but it lagged behind with uncomfortable drama. Why the heroine’s creepy mother was there was beyond me; This side story didn’t add anything useful and felt like a huge waste of time. But the book was still warm where it needed to be.

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