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Burn Book pdf download for free or read online, also Burn pdf was written by Jolie Vines.

BookBurnAuthorJolie VinesLanguageEnglishSize2.2 MBPages402CategoryNovels

Burn Book PDF download for free

This book has been a long time coming. A slow buildup that begins with ruin and culminates with Burns’ back-and-forth story, presenting readers with a band of misfits doomed to a desert island in the middle of nowhere. Haunted, angry and abandoned, you couldn’t help but fall in love with this group. I had many feelings about how the author would wrap up this series. I had high hopes. At the end of this story, I can say that Burn rose to the challenge.

The author managed to pull me in from the first chapter and we kept moving throughout. Twists, turns, family ties, fear and heat permeate this whole story.
I absolutely love Jamieson’s story. As the last book in the series, her story could easily have been left out. Instead, the overall plot moves in his and Summer’s stories, which drives you a little crazy if you’re expecting the final scenes.

Burn Pdf Download

I loved this book. I love that the author continues to weave familiar friends with new characters without detracting from the story. I didn’t want this to end. What a great end to a fantastic series.

This final book of the 4 romantic adventure series in the Dark Island Scots saga series had all the thrills, fast cars, daring escapes, and also villains getting justice that I love in the Vines novels. And the ending was great, if tragic for a brave woman and her son.

Even the story most o the time revolves around Jamieson aka Burn, the youngest brother of the 5 siblings, enough attention is also paid to the relationships and also roles of Sin, Ruin and Scar to find their little sister Cassie and also escape the villains who are blackhearted. Woman molesters: We are talking about human traffickers, corrupt and violent through and through. Loads of exciting action and suspense as they move from one dangerous situation to the next. And Burn’s compulsion to start a fire comes up more than once.

As for Burn’s romantic relationship with Summer, I prefer the sweet start through lengthy phone calls to its transformation once the two meet in person. I’m not sure I’m ready to get on board with the way he inspires the violent side of Burns passion. The steam is there, but I prefer the action-adventure.

These guys are alpha through and through, but they’ve found women who aren’t far behind in terms of bravery. Each of the nine main characters has their own harrowing background that sets them apart from the norm and seems to act like a magnet of attraction. And I loved the introduction of Arran, a guy with a really screwed up personal life who wants to escape his father’s influence and join the good guys. I hope Vines brings it back in a future book.

I suppose this could be read on its own, but I would

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