Download Bound To Deception [PDF] By J.L. Beck

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Bound To Deception book pdf download for free or read online, also Bound To Deception pdf was written by J.L. Beck.

BookBound To DeceptionAuthorJ.L. BeckLanguageEnglishSize380 KBPages342CategoryNovel

Bound To Deception Book PDF download for free

They call me an animal.
Ruled by my baser instincts.
Obsessed with the anger rolling inside me.

An anger so deep I can’t see a way out. Up to her. Cilla is a pretty little trap I walk into. And when the bait becomes the prey, I show them what kind of animal I can really be.

Bound by deceit, ruled by desire, I will solve little Cilla’s mystery, or we will both be consumed by the never-ending rage that threatens my sanity.

Bound To Deception Book Pdf Download

Another great book from the Doubeck Crime Family series!
Cilla and Ivan’s relationship definitely got off to a rocky start as she tried to drug and kidnap him for her father. While being held captive by her father, Ivan witnesses how hideous and disgusting her father is and feels protected towards her.

He swears that she is his and that no one will ever touch her again. Once they were out, it didn’t take long for them to trust and love each other. Ivan was her white knight who saved her from her terrible father.
I really enjoyed this book, read it from start to finish in a few hours. Definitely recommend it!

Priscilla was sent to Ivan by her father only to be drugged herself, but both are captured by their father. While Ivan was in her father’s prison, they began to bond and were married through a series of events. I miss the part where Ivan starts to fall in love with Priscilla and how her scent calms his beast. Otherwise it was a good book and I look forward to more in the series.

Cilla lives in a nightmare created by her father. She has no choice but to follow her orders if she hopes to be released. This leads her to set a trap for Ivan. When he finds out what she was up to, he turned the tables.
I really loved Ivan and how loyal, strong, resilient, powerful and overall a pretty good guy in the scheme of things.

Cilla’s story was heartbreaking and traumatic, but despite it all she was not jaded, but caring, loving and incredibly forgiving. There were times when I wanted to yell at her and tell her for heaven’s sake fight back. I loved how Ivan pushes her to stand up for herself and fight back.
Great addition to the Doubeck Crime Family series.

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