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Blood Of The Earth book pdf download for free or read online, also Blood Of The Earth pdf was written by Faith Hunter.

BookBlood Of The EarthAuthorFaith HunterLanguageEnglishSize2.1 MBPages381CategoryNovels

Blood Of The Earth Book PDF download for free

When Nell Ingram met skinwalker Jane Yellowrock, she was nearly alone in the world, banished from choice and fearful of the cult she grew up in, defending herself with magic she drew from her deep connection to the forest around her.

Now, Jane has referred Nell to PsyLED, a Homeland Security agency that monitors paranormal phenomena, and agent Rick LaFleur has shown up on Nell’s doorstep. His appearance forces her out of her secluded life into an investigation that leads to the Vampire Bloodmaster of Nashville.

Nell has a team and a mission. But to find the master’s kidnapped henchman, Nell and the PsyLED team must delve into the heart of the cult Nell fears and infiltrate the cult and an all-human terrorist group before time runs out…

Blood Of The Earth Book Pdf Download

Jane Yellowrock is one of those UF shows that I can totally take or leave. I like it, it’s fine, but if I didn’t read it with other people, I wouldn’t buy the last book the day it came out. That said, I loved Nell and her Soulwood of hers.

Nell is the character I understand the most and can relate to the most. She is so incredibly broken by her upbringing, but she is a fighter through and through and has just reached a point in her life where she is asserting her independence and also really learning how to spread her own wings. And fly. She found it very easy to support her.

Nell’s past is a bit harsh. She was raised in a religious cult, she married someone when she was twelve and he wasn’t mean or anything but she definitely had very specific ideas about what a woman’s role would be and what she would do in her home and Nell fit that little bit. space until his death. Not her, finally free and alone, she fights to keep the land that he left her and of which she magically is part of it. Nell is special and different and even she is not sure what she is.

She felt an inexplicable pain, like a throb in her flushed flesh. “I apologize for overstepping my bounds. but I find you . .” She shook her own head as if she were really searching for a word she couldn’t find. She opted for “. . . fascinating.”
Then I took another step back, surprise running down my neck like cold rain, knowing my posture was still defensive.

“We all do,” Occam said, “those of us who aren’t human. You smell like . . . like home, sugar. Like security perched in the trees, fresh prey before us.”
“You really smell like the jungle and tall trees,” Paka said. “Deep waters and rich land. and death A lot of death, the earth wet with the blood of the prey, a sacrifice, a gift so that it can eat and live”.

If you’ve read the Jane Yellowrock books then you know who Rick and Paca are and like me you may not have been thrilled to see Rick again. I felt almost… almost a little sorry for Rick. But then I remembered how she treated Jane and thought again that she, somehow, she gets what she deserves from her and a U-turn is fair enough. Still, the relationship between him and Paca was not really what she expected.

He seemed enchanted with her, but not like a normal man in the presence of a beautiful and wild woman. More than he was drawn to her as the moon is to the earth, held in orbit but always separated from her. She couldn’t guess the nature of their relationship, but whatever his bond, peace was no part of him.

He’s still there and he can still be a big jerk at times, but it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of this story. That might have been because I really liked Nell and at one point she was able to teach him a very nice lesson. But also the reason I didn’t like the story was that it came with a team of other people with different powers/conditions who were almost as interesting as Nell.

My favorite was probably Tandy, a man struck by lightning who gains empathic vision. His new superpower seemed to be both a curse and a blessing. Then there’s Occum, who I think he might have some chemistry with Nell. But I don’t think anything will happen on that front for a while because, as I mentioned, Nell is a little broken.

The plot used a different and interesting story and I always appreciate it when that happens and the villains aren’t just ordinary monsters. Also, I liked how Faith handled Nell’s story with the cult and her family. I really don’t want to give too much away about it as I liked the way she developed the plot. But let’s say that no matter what culture you live in, there are good and bad people in it and no matter what, if you look from the outside, sometimes you can’t tell who is who.

This was a fantastic start to a new UF series and I liked it much better than the first Jane Yellowrock books. Even if you’re not a fan of Jane, I think this series is worth checking out.

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