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Benjar book pdf download for free or read online, also Benjar pdf was written by Honey Phillips.

USA Today bestselling author Honey Phillips writes a gripping sci-fi romance about hot alien warriors and Earth women they can’t resist. From kidnappings to invasions, the journey can be bumpy, but the ending is always satisfying.

Honey wrote and illustrated her first book at the very tender age of five. Her writing style has improved since then. Unfortunately, your drawing skills don’t. She loves to write, read, travel, cook and drink champagne, not necessarily in that order.

BookBenjarAuthorHoney PhillipsLanguageEnglishSize5.1 MBPages352CategoryNovel

Benjar Book PDF download for free

Benjar learned from a young age to use his wits to live and his charm to ease his way and hide his secrets. Even the bond he forms with his military brothers doesn’t completely calm his troubled soul.

Inspired by his commander’s recent acquisition of a human bride, Benjar decides to find a mate for himself: a calm and caring woman who will bring peace to his restless mind. Instead, he finds himself irresistibly attracted to a pretty and impetuous woman.

No one seems to notice that Ruby has grown up, not her loving but overprotective older sister or the men in her small town. But as scared as she is of finding love and adventure, being snatched from her bed in the middle of the night by a giant cat-like alien is not what she expected.

None of them are what they expect. But when they’re stranded together in a secluded cabin, they may discover they’ve both found just what they need.

Each book in the Seven Brides series is about a different couple and can be read individually, but the books are linked. This sweet and steamy series is intended for the mature readers.

Benjar Book Pdf Download

When I saw that this new series was based on one of my favorite classic Hollywood movies, I might have squealed. You really have to walk a fine line with the stories of Heroes Kidnap Heroines; it requires “pure” motivations, otherwise they can be obscured. Thankfully, we know what kind of heroes we’re getting from Honey Phillips: friendly, protective alpha warriors who would die before allowing their ladies to be harmed.

While the first book (Artek) laid the necessary groundwork for the series, the love story suffered a bit and wasn’t as romantic (or hot) as I would have liked. Not so with Benjar and Ruby’s book! Plus, once things get going, our couple is together all the time (yeah!).

Honey in this case gives us the entire kidnapping sequence, with the boisterous but well-meaning Benjar “leading” the plan, taking 3 girlfriends (his own, plus one for Frantor and Gilmat – neither of whom know of his plan) from Drakkar and blackout At this point we know 5 of the 7 couples, but if I haven’t missed it we are still waiting to know who Drakkar and Endark have taken…

Benjar is irresistibly attracted to little, young Ruby (whom he originally planned for Frantor) and manages to get her to her secluded cabin on the ranch before a snowstorm separates them from the others. Of course, the obligatory heroine runs away from her because she has been kidnapped against her will, but when Benjar gets injured and chases after her in the storm, Ruby quickly decides to take care of him, realizing that she won’t hurt her. Her scenes to meet you were sweet, hot, funny, and romantic, not necessarily in that order. We’re having some tail action here (wink, wink).

A brave but inexperienced heroine who challenges herself when faced with difficult circumstances. Sweet alpha hero who has never loved and hit anyone.
This book got me excited reading the stories of Drakkar, Endark and Gilmat, but I’m sure they will appeal to different readers.

Ruby is more than just a pretty face. She has hopes and dreams of romance and adventure. But no man in town inspires her. But when she thinks of aliens, she wonders if her dreams could come true.
Benjar together with two brothers decide to implement the story of 7 Brides f7 Brothers and go to the town dance to pick up their brides. Benjar feels a deep need for someone who wants him, loves him and stays with him.

I love the twist on one of my favorite movies where Honey brings her characters and places to life. Her ranching and mountain world building increased with this story. Truly one of my favorite authors and I always know I’m in for an adventure when I open one of her books. I look forward to the third book in this series.

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