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Aro book pdf download for free or read online, also Aro pdf was written by Marie James.

BookA Shadow In The EmberAuthorMarie JamesLanguageEnglishSize801 KBPages264CategoryNovel

Aro Book PDF download for free

Aro is book 24 in the Cerberus MC series, written by the incredibly talented author Marie James. I read this book in just one go, and couldn’t put it down! This is the emotional and steamy motorcycle love story of Brynn “Slick” Sullivan and Josh “Aro” Aroco. They like each other and flirt ever since they started working together.

Both are stubborn and also neither acted on their crush. But after a dangerous operation, Aro was injured, after an operation he has to be rehabilitated, so they are locked together around the clock in a house that Kincaid has made available to them for the time being. The pain is deep and there is a roller coaster of emotions.

Aro Pdf Download

As the 24th installment in the Cerberus MC series, you’d think Mrs. James would run out of energy. This is far from the case, however, as this story is a rollercoaster of emotions as an injured man’s difficult recovery takes an unexpected turn towards romance as he and the team’s psychologist begin to connect on a deeper level. From the first page to the last reader, you will be taken on an intense journey that will put you to the test alongside the main characters.

This time, former US Marine Josh ‘Aro’ Aroco takes center stage, while Ms. James mourns after he was badly injured on a mission that went horribly wrong. For a man who’s always been considered impressive, it’s truly heartbreaking to see him at his rock bottom as he begins his recovery. Aro was always seen as competent and in control, focused on his plans for the future…or at least he was before a single moment irrevocably changed his life.

He’s a hurt and broken man now, inside and out, which will result in a long recovery that will leave him filled with insecurity, anger and depression and a bit scared of losing the one place he always wanted to be. . belong. His life spirals out of control as every day is a struggle and while he loves having his teammate (Dr. Brynn ‘Slick’ Sullivan) by his side during his recovery, he is concerned about the feelings she is creating in him They become more confrontational with each other.

To turn the page. I suffered for Aro during his recovery, I could understand his feelings of helplessness as I am also disabled and I applaud Mrs James for handling this issue in a caring and respectful manner. Feeling he no longer has a place in his MC family, he increasingly relies on Brynn and appreciates her strong and constant support in scenes that soon turn romantic.

In this story, Brynn is a likable heroine with a strong character and an attraction to Aro that she has always kept hidden. However, the fact that she is with Aro during his recovery journey makes it impossible to hide those feelings any longer, especially since Aro is also fighting his feelings for her. The time just for two becomes a sensual refuge with all kinds of border crossings. However, returning to the real world soon becomes a major test of their relationship, as he now feels unworthy of her and, seeing him holding her, pushes her away…but still wants her.

With every page turn, these two expose themselves to a lot of needless pain, a lot of additional agony for not speaking to each other. Too many assumptions, too much fear and not being able to let go of the past were this couple’s worst enemies. Throughout this book they have frustrated me, there were times when their actions upset me and times when their interactions made me blush. Despite my occasional annoyance at the journey these two took, I still found myself invested in their pairing.

He kept encouraging her to find her HEA and cheered Aro on on a difficult journey of recovery that was both emotional and epic. It was a well-crafted addition to the series, showing the bonds of brotherhood that stretch but don’t break. I’m emotionally drained for The End but definitely satisfied and counting down the days until the next installment in the Cerberus MC series hits shelves!

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