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Angel Falls book pdf download for free or read online, also Angel Falls pdf was written by Kristin Hannah.

BookAngel FallsAuthorKristin HannahLanguageEnglishSize1.3 MBPages431CategoryNovels

Angel Falls Book PDF download for free

When loving wife and mother Mikaela Campbell slips into a coma, it’s up to her husband Liam to keep the family together and care for their grieving and frightened children. The doctors tell Liam not to expect a recovery, but he believes that love can do what medical science can’t.

Every day he sits by Mikaela’s bed, telling her stories about the precious life they’ve built together, hoping against hope that she’ll wake up. But then he uncovers evidence of his wife’s secret past: a first marriage to movie star Julian True.

Desperate to get Mikaela back at all costs, Liam knows he must turn to Julian for help. But will this choice cost Liam his wife, his family and everything he loves? One of Kristin Hannah’s most moving novels, Angel Falls is a moving and unforgettable portrait of marriage and commitment, of an ordinary man who dares to risk everything in the name of love.

Angel Falls Book Pdf Download

Kristin Hannah is a great writer and this time she masterfully helps us to see and understand the essence of love in this moving novel. She has done a remarkable job of providing her readers with a believable narrative that captures the most powerful and elusive force in the world, almost impossible to explain except through experience and feeling.

Angel Falls reveals a family’s struggle to trust and recognize the strength of their bonds when an unexpected tragedy abruptly interrupts a seemingly normal day. Thus begins a marathon of what it means to love and be loved, in a struggle that pits the overwhelming power of obsession and past love against reality and long-kept secrets.

There are no real “bad guys” here, but as the characters choose their fragile (yet unbreakable) path through this poignant and insightful story, you’ll feel compassion for those who realize too late the cost of not accepting love, when it is offered purely and selflessly. The pain, the tenderness of regret, and the triumphs felt honest, if a little softer than real life could offer, and the good guy wins in the end, and a family comes together. Be sure to take some time to read when you start this book; you won’t want to leave it. I’m not a big reader of Romance, but I read this one cover to cover.

I found it very interesting to read one of Kristan Hannah’s first novels, having read almost everything she has written since then. Somehow I really had missed “Angel Falls” until now. I definitely see a difference in the way she writes. She has grown tremendously since her beginnings as an author, though her ability to convey raw emotion to her readers has never wavered. Her characters were always well drawn. The difference I found was that the plots she creates now are much more plausible and sophisticated than in the first one.

“Angel Falls” is the story of a family living in a very small town in the state of Washington. Mikaela and Dr. Liam Campbell and her children, Jacey and Brett, seem to be enjoying a good quiet life and a strong sense of family. Liam is an honorable and devoted husband and father. He married Mikaela (“Mike”) ten years earlier and became a father to her baby and his son Brett less than a year later. If Mike never loved him like he loved her, Liam could live with that.

He felt enough love for both of them. He knew that Mike was married to Jacey’s father, but nothing about the man, not even his name. A freak accident sends Mike into a coma. Things aren’t looking good, and as the family prepares for the worst, Liam won’t give up. He spends every day next to him and talks to him. He gets no response until there is a sudden eye roll when she mentions her first husband, whose identity she discovered while he was looking through her closet. At this point things got unbelievable and defied belief, but I guess Mrs. Hannah had her reasons.

I’m not a fan of novels that have characters that are “big movie stars” and if they are drawn as completely shallow and self-centered, but it could just be me. The character of Julian True just didn’t seem believable to me and was a huge waste of time, especially the years Mikaela spent agonizing over him. There wasn’t much that attracted me to him. The flashes are fleeting, but it had neither depth nor soul!

Neither kind nor generous, he was the worst possible person for a young woman to marry. However, the question was, would Mikaela ever realize that? Until she could, there would be no hope for her and Liam to have a marriage with deep love on both sides.

As the days and weeks go by, Liam learns a lot about Mike, about her ability to love her no matter what, even if he has to risk losing her forever. Meanwhile, the reader learns over time what Mike thinks, feels and dreams. I found myself rooting for her, Liam and her children, and that Mike is growing from her horrible experience, both in the present with his brain injury and in his past…finally!

The more I read Angel Falls, the more emotionally involved I became, but I knew that much of the story was beyond the scope of what I could believe. I liked it anyway, but I’m grateful that Ms. Hannah has grown as a writer in the last few decades and is now writing truly great novels, with a mature ability to delve into the hearts of her characters. Angel Falls is a really good early work with signs that the author should be watched and followed as she writes.

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