Download A Soul To Touch [PDF] By Opal Reyne

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A Soul To Touch book pdf download for free or read online, also A Soul To Touch pdf was written by Opal Reyne.

BookA Soul To TouchAuthorOpal ReyneLanguageEnglishSize2.3 MBPages589CategoryNovels

A Soul To Touch Book PDF download for free

Mayumi is independent, resourceful, a warrior, the product of a determined upbringing. She secretly yearns for the company of someone with whom she has an affinity. But she’s always felt that she doesn’t quite fit in with people, perhaps because of her strength coupled with a biting reticence. Enter Kitten. She doesn’t quite fit in either. This story unfolds as, in the darkness of the Veil and its demons, supply cities, guildmates, and harrowing power struggles, the former demon slayer finds her perfect mate in a cool, inquisitive, sword-wielding Duskwalker. yellow orb.

A Soul To Touch Pdf Download

Despite a traumatic past, Kitty endured a lot, especially for her Mayumi, even in the face of her repulsive taunts. After all, he had followed her for years, watching and protecting her from afar. This Duskwalker was probably my favorite of the series with his sweet witty nature and calm strength from him. One place where he was always in charge, always dominant, was the proverbial bedroom, where the wild and sexually confident Mayumi submitted to him completely. And thank goodness for that balance, as Mayumi could come off as stubborn and uncaring at times. Her characters develop with their intimacy and her feelings for each other.

Oh this book was so adventurous!

And besides the fireworks, I loved this couple’s fun times together: the board games, the housework, the snowball fights. From laughter to bittersweet devotion, this couple shared a connection. I was moved to tears… Everyone will do their best to be with their loved one, even if they lack words of love.

As expansive as this author’s style is, a world-building with plenty of life and daily discoveries, the story had a slightly more progressive pace than the other two books. It was written from a third-person point of view, which portrayed the world and conveyed the thoughts of the main characters well. A fantasy world comes to life. Beautiful, complex and complete, what a wonderful story.

After A Soul to Heal he was already in love with Kitty. His devotion to this mysterious woman we didn’t know and knew nothing about was adorable and the reason I fell in love with this series in the first place. Knowing that he has little time left thanks to the Demon King, he decides to protect Mayumi while he hides and goes unnoticed. Unfortunately for our Mavka, she is a demon hunter and she notices it pretty quickly.

Opal really upped the spice in this book. As soon as I read the content warnings, I was hooked. To have an FMC that was DTF right away and unapologetic about what she wanted was so refreshing! This series lets you know right from the start that it’s a monster romance, but for the main character in this book to proudly admit it and go out of his way to seduce the monster was all I could have asked for!

The Duskwalker universe has expanded this book to include more characters and locations. We also have more tradition. No spoilers here, but you guys. I need an owl book now more than ever please! Also, I have to highlight the phenomenal Asian representation we got in this book. I love that Opal was looking for sensitive readers. There was also an excellent foreshadowing with a bit of Japanese culture that led directly to the climax of the book.

If I could give A Soul To Touch book more than 5 stars I would. Everything was excellent. If you haven’t booked it yet, do it! Also, maybe add some bandanas to your order if you make attachments with fictional characters like me. It broke my heart in the best way possible and I can’t wait to see more Duskwalker Brides!

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